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Discussion in 'Community Center' started by JasonH, Feb 14, 2011.

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    I know we all have our favorite charity, but forgive me for being a bit forward in putting Orbis out there and despite being completely unaffiliated with them other than a donor to their cause asking for others to help out this cause.

    I have two friends who have to use a seeing-eye dog everyday and one friend who lost sight in one eye from his service to the United States. While the service of the DC-10 Flying Eye couldn't have helped them it does make me more aware of what the loss of sight can do to a person's life. Orbis is planning to replace their venerable DC-10-10 (second off the production line and registered N220AU) with a "new" aircraft (a DC-10-30 donated by FedEx) to better serve those that could benefit from sight saving and restoring surgery.

    If everyone here at MilePoint was to make even a small donation, we could go a long way to helping Orbis keep the Flying Eye mission alive and help even more people.

    Mods: If you want to move this or deal with this in some other way I'm fine with it, it just seemed a Community Center kind of post.

    Edit... BAH! Spellchecker changed my title.. Mods could you remove that blasted 't' from the title.

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