Commercials on AVOD Systems

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    Hi Everyone,

    Has anyone else felt like the Fairfield and esurance commercials are a bit too frequent on the AVOD system?

    Be it when adding songs to a playlist or looking to select a movie, it seems like an ad (that cannot be closed) pops up constantly. In less than 5 minutes, I've had several show...I got the pitch the first time...did not need it again and AGAIN...especially as a captive audience on a metal tube at 35k feet for 7-9 hours! This was one of the few times I was grateful for the non-modified 763 from JFK to IST - only one round of commercials and that was it!

    Anyone else irritated by this?

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    I am totally with you. Especially when I'm sitting in B/E. One could argue if they were not making people buy movies in the back, then the commercials would be appropriate in Economy. However, if you paid ($ or pts) to get yourself in B/E then shouldn't that cost of entertainment already been factored in? It is totally ridiculous.

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