Comfort Inn, Santa Monica Pier - Review

Discussion in 'Choice | Privileges' started by rajuabju, Feb 19, 2011.

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    I booked a room for friends here recently. Very disappointed when I checked out the room.

    Firstly, its not really near the Pier. The hotel is located on Santa Monica Blvd, about 20+ blocks from the ocean/pier, and thats definitely not walking distance at all.

    Second, the hotel itself is dingy. Not dirty per se, but just very run down and looks tired (moreso than the average Choice Hotel). Sure, it was cheaper than a nearby Holiday Inn and some other options I had, but not by that much.

    My friends also had asked for rooms next to one another (I had booked 1 room, they got a second on their own). Even though the place certainly didnt look full (garage was more than 50% empty), they were put on near opposite ends of the floor.

    For a hotel in Santa Monica, I would expect a bit more than what was offered.
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