Coffee Shop…or Office?

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  1. The sunny and warm (almost hot!) weather this week has made San Francisco the envy of our friends on the east coast. Everyone who wonders why San Franciscan’s are so laid back need only to spend a week here in the middle of winter. It can be downright balmy. This week, the streets are filled with pale feet displaying freshly painted toes that have been hiding in socks for all of, well, about 6 or 7 weeks. But what a long 7 weeks it’s been! Parks are filling up and coffee shops are opening their windows to imbibe the fresh Pacific air.
    One day, during my unemployment fundays, I was reading a post on Craigslist for a job that sounded up my alley. I gasped when the poster indicated the “office” was in a local coffee shop (and the person literally wrote “Yes, I work in a coffee shop”). Locals love to poke fun at themselves and each other, and that’s why I love these posts of “Things San Franciscans Like” brought to you by local online newspaper SFAppeal. It’s true, San Franciscan’s really do like working in coffee shops.
    Check out NileGuide’s list of best cafes in San Francisco for some inspiration on where to set up your next office.
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