Codeshares…Types and Benefits (?)

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    If you couldn’t tell by my previous post on the subject of codeshares, I am not a fan for the most part. Part of this stems from experience as a traveller, and part comes from my present job in airline IT. I will have a future post about the technical details surrounding codeshares, how they work, why they are a pain to deal with, and so forth. For now, let’s focus on the basics. What is a Codeshare? Generally speaking, it’s just a marketing tool that allows airlines to present their product to travelers as a seamless travel itinerary. At first glance, it will appear to the traveler as if XX airline is who they are flying when in fact it’s actually YY airline OPERATING the flight. Definitions Operating Carrier = The airline whose metal is being utilized to actually fly the flight Marketing Carrier = The airline that is selling another airline’s flight as its own [flight number] The Benefits Arguably the biggest benefit to a codeshare is the fact you are buying a single cohesive itinerary. Without going into too much detail, it allows the airlines to offer a single fare component (or a simpler filed fare) to passengers. When [...] The post Codeshares…Types and Benefits (?) appeared first on Fly2Travel.

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