Codeshare "Premium" seats only at check-in?

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    ¡Hola, todos!

    I'm on LA603 next month and for the first time in a long time we're booked in back - seats 35 J and L. The flight has been booked as a codeshare with AA so of course we're having all of the standard problems of AA not giving an Amadeus number for LAN, and LAN saying that they can see us but make no modifications, and AA doesn't have access to LAN's preferente seats.

    We're both Premium/Ruby on LAN and I'm finally Platinum/Sapphire on AA, but we have no access to the "premium" seats until check-in? Is this correct? I get that since I'm using my AAdvantage number my LAN Premium status really doesn't apply, but the LAN website says that Sapphire OW has pre-reserved preferente seats as a benefit. Where am I wrong? If I'm not wrong, what can I do?

    Por su ayuda, gracias.
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    Bump please.
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    I think the only (long shot) recourse in these cases is to call the horrible 0800 LAN line in your area and pray to the gods you get someone with a little brains that may be able to do something with your reservation. Dont hold your breath....
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