CO: LGA-LAX or CLE-LAX 3/5-3/7 or 3/8

Discussion in 'Mileage Runs/Travel Hacking' started by rggale, Mar 1, 2011.

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    LGA-CLE CO5916 2:45pm-4:23pm Sat 3/5 E145
    CLE-IAH CO1645 5:50pm-7:55pm Sat 3/5 B738
    IAH-LAX CO1095 8:50pm-10:22pm Sat 3/5 B753
    LAX-IAH CO294 8:00am-1:09pm Mon 3/7 B753
    IAH-CLE CO1844 2:35pm-6:20pm Mon 3/7 B739
    CLE-LGA CO5935 7:50pm-9:25pm Mon 3/7 E145

    5940 miles
    LGA-CLE RT $140.40 + CLE-LAX RT $287.80= $428.20AI / 8.6CPEQM <4 days in advance...not bad

    Decent way to spend some time (32hrs) in LA and get 6 segments/ 5940 EQMs. Not cheap by any means, but for <4 days in advance not a bad deal.
    All but 2 segments EUA eligible
    Much better deal if you live in CLE and don't have to take the LGA-CLE segment! 5.8CPEQM

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