CO award tix, US cxl, what to do?

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    I got a CO mileage award, flights on US.

    Took leg 1, DCA-PHL, no problem. Leg 2 was cxl, PHL-IPT.

    US says: "This flight has been cancelled. The aircraft is unavailable
    because of a prior cancellation due to weather conditions."

    but of the continuation, it says: "Due to weather conditions moving
    through the Philadelphia area this flight has been cancelled."

    Both of these statements are actually untrue, as we got on the
    first flight and had taxiied out to the deice pad but were called
    back, because, apparently, strange though this sounds, IPT didn't
    have the appropriate deicing equipment, and though we could
    have got there ok, US (or Piedmont) was not confident that the
    plane would get back.

    Our pilot, quite frustrated by the events, explicitly told us "If they
    tell you they canceled because of weather, they are lying."

    At the gate they told us that the subsequent flight had been
    cancelled, and there were no flights out with space available until
    Monday (today, 2 days later). So I hooked up with a guy renting a
    car, and we arrived at IPT a jolly 10 hours late, at some expense
    to ourselves.

    1. Am I due any reimbursement or compensation from either
    US or CO?

    2. Do I have to check with US or CO or both to make sure that
    the rest of my itinerary isn't cancelled? I am obvious not taking
    whatever they have given me.
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    But US AIrways will probably stick to their story on reason for cancellation -- that if it wasn't for weather conditions they wouldn't have been concerned about de-icing equipment.

    If it's entirely a US AIrways itinerary then let US Airways know that due to the cancellation you will not be taking Monday's flight, but please ensure the rest of your itinerary remains untouched. And do check your itinerary online a couple of times.

    I would submit complaints to both US AIrways and to Continental.

    From US AIrways you'll probably get a $50 travel voucher :(

    But from Continental I'd argue for a partial refund of miles, on a paid ticket you'd be entitled to partial refund as well.

    Note that's without reviewing airline contracts of carriage, so I could be off in some of the particulars, but that's how I'd proceed without actually reading the legalese.
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    Gary, thanks for the advice.

    Continental has been difficult - after an hour on the line and 3 cutoffs,
    all I take away is changes on the "US Air's fault" tune. US Air at least
    confirms that I can board their flights next Sunday on the strength of
    this ticket but hasn't offered anything for the lost leg.

    To be escalated later.

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