CLT Duty Free- such as it it

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    This seems the best place to post photos of the two tiny Duty Free locations at CLT. here and in otehr BB's there have been occasional queries about CLT Duty Free. There are two locations in CLT, both operated by the same people, neither with much of a selection.

    They both look like local cosmetics shops, and that is mostly what they are, but they also has a selection of traditional DF booze and other products. Generally you need to ask for what you want because their stock is often not on display. For what they do have the prices are usually the same as those of other DF locations like ATL and MIA, the only two for which I have made direct comparisons. Three weeks ago they had JW Double Black for $75 for two liters, last week they were out. The same promotion has ben recently available at both MIA and ATL.

    If you have a late flight make certain you shop here before about 9PM, because both of them tend to close before the late flights board.

    In the Atrium area, wedged between the sushi bar and USO there is one location.
    In Terminal D, as you approach the Gates 11-13, where US international flights depart there is the other one (I apologize for the dark photo; I am only here for a late departure):
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