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    I've been on the AOR / Churn train for about 2 years now, all good and successful stuff. FICO at it's highest ever. Go me. I'm 2 months overdue for a AOR, which is fine. My wife is due a turn anyhow, we'll work on her new cards when we do her mini-AOR.

    I'm in a situation where I find myself with cards now that are clogging me up. I won't use them again (no-charge AMEX Hilton - no AXON, no point bonus - NO THANKS); or my 4th Southwest card from 2 years ago (had to collect'm all... Comp Pass!). I'm at 4 AMEX issued and 5 Chase issued. If I want to reset the clocks and get anymore of their cards I have to think it's time to cut some loose.

    Here's what I want and what I'd cut.. I know each company is different... AMEX doesn't trade lines, whereas Chase has a max credit line across all cards. I've also changed companies since last churn, though I've been in the same field 15 years and now make more than before... but still, don't know how that plays. As always, your advice is adored:

    AMEX: To purge AMEX Hilton No Fee (deadwood imo) & SPG (fee due in July) // To get AMEX SPG Biz & Delta 45k offer

    CHASE: To purge SW Sig from 2 years ago (its 1 of 4!) & Ink Bold // To get Freedom (I have the metal card to accompany) & Ink Bold PLUS (points!)

    Any strategy advice? Maybe my best bet is to cut some loose without trading credit lines for now and come back with fresh apps? Maybe I should just apply, roll into the queue and call recon and discuss. I've had my share of recon calls, all successful, and just wonder if it's time let some keepers age, cut some and wait 4 more months.

    Hopefully this can help some others as well. Best, M.
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    I've been debating what to do with my Amex's, too. I have the Hilton Amex no-fee (deadwood, but...), Starwood, and Delta no-fee (complete deadwood). I have bounced to the HH Surpass card when I wanted to renew HH Gold and didn't have another handy tool for it.

    I use the Starwood card for anything that I think I might want to dispute or return (yay, Amex Return Protection!), but that's the only spend I'm putting on any of the cards. As I understand it, the Hilton Amex also has return protection so, despite the low point earning, I'm thinking about dropping the Starwood card and moving that spend to the Hilton card.

    1) Is there any good reason to keep the Starwood card?

    2) I've been eyeing the Costco card (3% on gas!), but I think it lacks return protection. Any confirmation of that?

    3) And I've been eyeing a small business card for the Open savings (5% on Hyatt!), possibly PRG, but I cringe at paying another annual fee for that.

    I also have the FIA-issued Fidelity Amex (2% cash back across the board, no annual fee), which I use for Costco and pretty much nothing else, since it lacks (imho) Amex's good dispute resolution.
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    How about get the Starwood Business card for the AmEx OPEN?
    Or, if you don't want an annual fee, Costco Business?
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