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Discussion in 'Community Center' started by Pharaoh, Jan 30, 2013.

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    Yes, after 6 (8?) years I am finally cleaning out my office and have found two items which have little value to me but may be on interest to someone else. I offer them for free, and I will even cough up the 46 cents postage, in return only for an optional contribution (in any amount) to a favorite charity (greyhound rescue) which will be undisclosed (make it directly on their website).

    1. A $25 coupon to Mrs Fields (cookies!) online. Requires a $75 purchase which I will never do because of a household sea change in diet.

    2. A neat little book: A.O.A. Bangkok Guidebook. "with compliments of Hyatt Rama Bangkok" Is in pristine condition. 1980? 1981? Hard cover. Fits in a pocket at 5"x3.5" and 142 pages, many in full color. Amazon has copies (but wants $).

    First one(s) to PM me which they want and their address will get mail and info on the rescue.
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    Very sorry to hear that.
    But a very nice offer on your part!

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