Clean the World - Donate your hotel toiletries to charity

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    A video posted on gleff's blog today reminded me of my local Orlando non-profit organization, Clean the World -

    Video introduction here:

    The organization collects unused soaps and shampoos as donations and distributes them to regions of the world in need of better Hygiene. They also take soap remnants and use it to make new soap.
    Its a great organization and cause. I would love to see soap drives added to the various Milepoint DOs. This would be a great way for all of us to get rid of our non-premium toiletries we've collected over the years and put them to use with a good cause, and an excuse to take them in the first place.

    Information on starting soap drive and other donations:

    For those who are frequent visitors to hotel chains, ask what they do with their discarded toiletries and mention the charity.
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