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  1. Here are some tumblrs that post Hollywood cinema stuff. It is hard to keep up with the never-ending flow of images! And this list is just the very start. Classic cinema grabs are definitely a key part of the glimmering image field of tumblr.

    This guy is very dedicated:
    Movie Classics, I like that they give sources:
    Good stuff, lotsa posts, useful captions:
    On the hour:
    Kinda a scrapbook feel, cinema stuff with captions:
    Informative captions and sources:
    Just what it says:
    Old-style Hollywood:
    More old Hollywood:
    Make believe it is:
    Teenagers rock:
    Cool concept one, the same characters kid & adult actor together:
    I just couldn’t resist:[​IMG]
    Very very stylish, lotsa posts:
    Very fun:
    Not always cinema but very happenin’:
    Like the ’60s vibe:
    More ’60s, scans from books:
    I’d be terrified to meet them awake:
    [Photos courtesy of George Melies]

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