Claiming LANPass Miles for Redirected Flights

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    About a month ago, my IGU-LIM-JFK flights on LAN were redirected to a set of TAM flights from IGU-GRU-JFK due to flight delay at IGU-LIM that would make it so that I would have to spend the night in LIM. As the agent was rushing to get me on the IGU-GRU flight on TAM, I assumed that she didn't transfer my LANPass number onto those flights. At any rate, in her rush to get me on the flight, she had ticketed me on a very tight connection at GRU, which I missed as my IGU-GRU flight was delayed. I ran to get on the next GRU-JFK flight, which I barely made and the agent just let me on the flight with the boarding pass. I have evidence that I was on the GRU-JFK flight, as I had to file a missing baggage report, given that my luggage never made my original flight. I have no idea how to go about claiming my miles at this point, as LAN does not think that I flew that last segment. Any suggestions?
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