Civil unrest leading to bargainst to Istanbul this summer?

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    I am not sure how widely applicable this is (perhaps the people of Malta are just particularly nervous travellers), but it does seem that the civil unrest in Istanbul has led to some particularly good deals on air travel there.

    I've discussed this in relation to Malta on (including the lack of any danger), but if you have always fancied Istanbul (it is an awesome destination), then now may be the time to go...

    PS sorry about the title typo, can't edit that.
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    Indeed, Istanbul is a beautiful city. Let's hope the unrest doesn't flare up again, for this to happen, people in Turkey must be however first be happy on how the get governed and how they're represented internally and externally. Only when the majority is happy, true stability and democracy will follow. For now, I see the danger is that, such flares of "people power" will come and go from time to time. Having said this, I'm all for it to visit Istanbul in the future again.
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    Well, I had just booked a trip to IST when the unrest broke out. Should be an interesting trip. Here's hoping the people of Turkey make peaceful progress.
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