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Discussion in 'Europe' started by techauthor, Nov 19, 2011.

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    I have an early flight out of AMS and needed a quick and easy hotel. I tried the new Citizen M, which is a short walk from the terminal. Bargain priced at 107 Euros, compared to 160 at the Sheraton across the street.

    They're very high tech, both in function and decor. They've put a lot of thought into the needs of the business traveler who just needs the basics for one or maybe 2 nights. Check-
    in/out is via kiosk (like airline checkin) with an attendant who helps those in need.

    The room is tiny. On the far end from the door is a king sized bed that touches three walls. You can lay on the bed to watch TV. Next to the bed are two tables, one of which has a chair. The table is barely big enough for my laptop and charger and a cup of coffee.

    Proceeding to the door there is a shower. It is a tall, round cylinder. Stand in it, slide the door closed, turn on and adjust the water. No extra space, but quite functional.

    Next toward the door is another cylinder, this for the toilet. The glass is frosted on both shower and loo, for those who need a tiny bit of privacy,

    Two more steps and you're at the door to the hall.

    Amenities include a nice smelling shower soap/body wash.

    Lobby amenities are large screen Apple MAC internet terminals, 24 hour barista and decent food (I had sushi for dinner, other stuff looked good, too). The barista is also the bartender.

    There's free wifi with good bandwidth.

    Now for a few negatives:

    1. The chair is not comfortable for much more than putting on shoes. It is also too low for the table. I'm using both as I write this and already feel some strain in my arms from the bad posture

    2. The bed has all the comfort of a park bench. I had a terrible night sleep.

    3. There is no place to open a suitcase. Since this is the end of a3 week trip, I have checked luggage. The designers seem to have assumed that everyone would only have carry-on (I'd have used the small desk for that)

    This ispart of a chain in several EU cities and opening soon in NY (didn't say which airport) and at ORD.

    Except for the bed, I would have used them again.

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