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Discussion in 'Other Credit Card Programs' started by deant, Jan 1, 2012.

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    Have seen the Citi Premier MasterCard and Visa but have not been aware of an AMEX version. Could not find one on the Citi site.

    However, my wife just received a targeted solicitation for the Thank You Premier AMEX card. 80K bonus after $5K spending in 3 months. Fee waived for the first year.

    Just a month or so ago she got the normal Citi Premier MasterCard with the 50K sign up bonus.

    Just wondering if she will still get the 80K bonus for the new card and if anyone has heard of the Premier AMEX card?
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    I don't see why she wouldn't get the card, it's not the same as MC. The only wrinkle would be depending on having too many Citi cards, if she has others already.

    The Premier AMEX card is the former Platinum Express. That's quite a monstrous bonus they are giving out, I'd jump on it.

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