Citi Offers Another Annual Fee Credit + Miles

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Have you been successful in having your annual fee waived?

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  1. Yes, this was my first time.

  2. Yes, they've been offering me bonuses + statement credits for more than one year now.

  3. Yikes, they just closed my card without giving me an offer!

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    For what it's worth, I wanted to report that I just had success in having Citi grant me the $95 statement credit on my annual fee as well as offer me 1000 Bonus AAdvantage Miles for $1,000 in spend for the next 16 billing cycles. Definitely not the most lucrative offer some of you have seen, but Citi does seem to want to keep people happy. The only other offer they had to try and "sweeten the deal" and keep me from canceling was to offer a one-time 3,000 bonus miles but it did NOT come with the $95 statement credit. I guess they'll keep me a little longer! Now to pay my tuition with the card next week and start getting those bonus miles.

    What are your recent successes with calling to cancel to avoid your annual fee?
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