Citi Jet Platinum Free Ticket a JOKE!

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  1. has anyone tried redeeming their 'free ticket' offer that citibank mastercard jet platinum cardholders are eligible for? they have a scratch card/letter system..tried it..and it's amazing how i just never get any seat for it. redeeming miles still may offer some more options but not this particular 'free ticket'. any idea how much in advance one needs to book/redeem such a ticket? Given how difficult it is..this appear is really a joke!

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    I tried some random dates a few months ago when I either received the letter/code, or found the letter...and it worked.

    However, when I tried a few days ago, given that it has an expiration date of 31 March 2011, and you need 7 days advance, notice, combined with the fact that Indian school holidays are on, it's not surprising that there is no availability, which does suck, as mileage awards are available on the same dates/times/flights!

    Note that they probably are limiting this particular bucket of travel, and thus, all are sold out.
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    i booked mine a month back on a voucher valid till 30 june. it worked fine.

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