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    My two Citi CCs are coming up for renewal shortly (Feb and March). They are the AA Visa and AA AmEx. I don't see any reason to pay the renewal annual fees unless I'm missing something valuable in them. I have some AA miles (200K) but rarely fly them.

    Both of the cards have large credit lines and I was wondering if I could cancel them and sign up for some other Citi card(s)? I see that the Thank You card is providing 50,000 pts which can be roughly $500 in hotel gift cards (Hyatt? Anyone else?). Could I apply for the card and then transfer the credit line to the new card like you can often do with Chase?

    While I wouldn't turn down any good airline mile offers I do have 200K on AA, 350K on BA, 500K on US Airways and about 80K on United but I'm very limited on points for hotel stays. I enjoy trips to central Europe and if I can reduce hotel costs there that would be a huge plus (especially with the large home remodeling costs I'm going to have this year).

    Most reasonable spending requirements aren't a problem since I probably spend an easy $2K a month on CCs and with a fixer upper house it may easily exceed that.

    Most of my current cards are with Chase (BA, Hyatt, Sapphire) along with the Starwood AmEx card.
    My credit is excellent and I don't plan any major loans/purchases any time soon.

    Any suggestions?
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    Citi is very generous with their retention bonuses. So much so that I consider their cards to be no fee. Just call and tell them you are thinking of cancelling and then see what the retention department offers you. Maybe you'll like their offers, maybe you won't, but it will only take a few minutes to see what they will give you. I've kept my oldest Citi AA card open and closed the newer ones.
    Citi does have a Hilton card, though personally I prefer the Hilton Amex, so will wait on the Citi Hilton card.
    Like you, I have lots of air miles and not so many hotel points, so that's what I am accumulating now.
    I don't know if Citi transfers credit lines.
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    Chase will readily transfer credit lines. Citi will not. You need to apply for an increased line for the card you want.
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    I had no problem re-allocating my credit lines among my Citi cards.
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    Call the retention dept directly at this number: 800 444 2568. You should be able to get the fee waived. The minimum offer is a $85 statement credit for 5 purchases in 3 months. Sometimes they throw in additional bonus miles for making a certain number of transactions every month.
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    This is my experience with Citi as well - at least in the last several year. As I am not using the cards at all recently I wonder if it will still hold true the next time.
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    In November, I called and spoke with the reconsideration department and got an offer of $85 and 750 bonus miles for $750 in spend each month for the next 16 months. I ended up taking the credit and canceling the card anyway the next month because it just wasn't a card that I would choose to put my spend on. That was for the Citi AA personal Visa. You should definitely see what you can get before canceling.

    Also, last time I spoke with their credit analysts (reconsideration department) I was told that they are no longer allowed to transfer credit between cards. This was a new rule for me as I have had them do that with no problem in the past.
  8. I had no problem reallocating credit to my TY Premier card when I signed up in January 2012
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    One of the AA citicards (i forget if visa or MC) is free with citigold status, which recently reduced the invested/borrowed $ threshold to acquire. However, WARNING: CITI reports miles-for-money as form 1099-int
    at an obscenely inflated rate.

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