Citi Advantage Reconsideration line question?

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    Aloha, I recently applied for 5 cards on the same day. Got instant approval on all except for the Citi Advantage American Express card. I also have the Advantage Visa signature card I received about 100 days ago which I have already. I called the reconsideration line and explained to them that the reason I wanted the American Express Card was to shop at Costco because they will not take Visa, I also asked if they could split the existing line of credit between the two cards. They flat said NO.. "You are only allowed 1 Advantage card and only 1 bonus from Advantage. I was very nice and asked if there was anything else I could do because I would really like to use this card for Costco?? The lady gave me this number for Customer Service 1800 9505114 . Wanted to wait to call when I receive some advice from the experts! Thanks for the help
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    Generally, you would need to apply for both cards on the same day in order to get both bonuses. Usually takes 18+ months to be able to re-apply for these cards and be eligible for the bonus again. Seems like you have a valid reason to want the other card so I'd give it another shot, but I wouldn't hold my breath. As a last resort, you might want to try writing in @:
    CitiBank Executive Review Department
    P.O. Box 6000
    Sioux Falls, SD 57117
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    Perhaps time to post this here as well . . .

    1. You can apply for no more than two of ANY type of Citi card every 60 days. Many recommend waiting 65 days as Citi seems to have problems counting some times when holidays are involved.
    2. In addition to Rule 1, you can apply for no more than one business card every 90 (95) days.

    1. Most, if not all, AA Personal cards have a "new customers only" rule. However, people have found that the rule only applies to people who have successfully applied for an AA Personal card within the past 18-24 months. YMMV, sometimes 11 months or less, other times more than 24 months.
    2. AA Business cards and HHonors cards are churnable, meaning you can apply as frequently as the Applications section above allows. In addition, the HHonors cards can be received two at a time (same exact card) in a similar fashion to the Visa/AmEx personal cards.
    3. Time frames are from application, it does not appear to matter if you close the card(s) or not.
    4. If you get any rejection other than the first-time user rejection, you can appeal it to reconsideration or the Executive Office. Requesting to transfer credit lines from other cards normally works.

    Note: Using the "Two Browser Trick" affects Approvals, NOT Applications. You still cannot apply for a Business card and two Personal cards at the same time.

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