Citi AAdvantage Visa vs AMEX... benefits of one over the other?

Discussion in 'Other Credit Card Programs' started by Crush627, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. I rencently aquired one of each during the miles bonus offers. Now that I have my miles [​IMG] I really only want to keep one. Are there benefits exclusive to one of the two? Suggestions on which one to keep...?
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    I would lean towards keeping the visa.
    The amex is not a real amex card. The visa would probably be accepted in more places than the amex. Also the visa allows you to use virtual account numbers which the amex does not.
    Citi has started sending amex cards tied to the visa account, so this will probably be a moot point. If you get it, you might as well keep the visa, since with it you'll also get an amex, at no additional fee.
    I'm not sure though if it's possible to shift some of the amex credit line over to the visa.
  3. maybe you should figure out which card you plan on signing up for next before deciding which one to cancel. If you're gonna go with the SPG card for example, since it's an AMEX only card, it'll make your decision pretty easy. A Visa+Amex is probably more versatile than Amex+Amex
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