Citi/AA MasterCard miles bonus for going paperless

Discussion in 'American Airlines | AAdvantage' started by kansaskeith, Sep 9, 2011.

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    Sometimes waiting works, and I am *not* a patient person. I have had my AA Citi World Elite Master Card since 2002 and service the account totally online - check balances, make payments, etc. But I never took myself off paper statements despite repeated pleading from Citibank because I kept waiting for some incentive to do so: a few extra miles, a $5 account credit like some banks do, or something beyond just feel-good-you're-green. Finally, years later, today it came, and I enrolled in two minutes. Whee, I'm a whole 250 miles richer :) Here was their e-mail: "Dear ******, Going paperless is convenient for you and good for the environment. What's more, if you enroll by January 31, 2012, you'll earn 250 American Airlines AAdvantage® bonus miles." Now, if they'll just send me another promotion for my still-with-paper Citi AA American Express Select card!
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    I got that e mail too. I just topped off my 24 year olds account.
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