Citi AA Amex - Issue w/ sign-up bonus

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    About 4 months ago (October), I signed up for the Citi AA Amex. I also tried the 2-browser trick for Visa, but it didn't work and I had no luck w/ reconsideration. The sign-up bonus I had was 50,000 aa miles if I spent a min of $2.5K within 4 month. When I called reconsideration, I confirmed the bonus I signed up for on the Amex. I ended up meeting the spending amount within the first 1.5 months. I spent about $2.9K to meet the bonus and then started focusing on my other cards from that app-o-rama. I really didn't touch my card after that.

    Now back to the present and my issue w/ Citi. I sent a secure message about 3.5 months into the sign-up bonus to ensure I had met the minimum requirement. I received a reply saying I did NOT meet the bonus b/c the promotion I signed up for was $3K in 3 months. I responded this must be a mistake b/c I confirmed my sign-up promotion the day after I applied for the card. Citi is now saying that since the 3 months has passed, I am now not able to meet the signing bonus even though I would only need another $100 - if that was the bonus I in fact signed up for.

    I'm currently waiting my 3-5 business days for a response while they investigate. Of course I got a new computer recently, so I don't have my screen shots saved anymore. Although they haven't done so yet, I have a bad feeling that they are going to come back saying too bad. I am 100% positive I signed up for the bonus w/ $2.5K min spend.

    Has anyone else experience this? This is my first Citi card but I have now had 2 bad experiences with them. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    I had the same experience a year ago with the misquoted min spend. For my current AA visa, the CS rep could not even tell me the promo terms that I got. It appears that some Citi departments, esp. IT, are running amok. Can't complain about the CS - they make some impressive efforts to fix the errors and keep me happy. I suggest very close monitoring of your miles and TY points, and raising issues in a timely manner. Hope they find a way to credit you the bonus as promised.
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    Last year I had an offer from them for 500 bonus miles if I spent $500 in a month. One month I missed by a few dollars. I sent them a note joking about it and they gave me the 500 miles. So, they can be nice. And they can make changes. I hope it works out for you too.

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