Churning mileage bonuses/Success stories

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  1. Well, I signed up for the popular BA Chase promo (100K after 2.5K in spending within 3 mo). Approved and have spent $1700 in just 2 weeks of having the card. Next, applied for the OnePass Plus Card (50K) for myself and for my aunt (50K). After I sort all this out, I'm going to apply for the 75K AA card (one Visa and one AMEX).

    BA= 100,000 miles
    Continental (I'll xfer to united) 39K (prev) + 100K = 139,000 miles
    AAdvantage 100K (prev, but will be redeeming) + 75K+75K=150,000 miles

    489,000 miles, $95, 1 or 2 years of work.

    Churning pays off in the long run. Just don't go overboard.

    Speaking of overboard, after apply for the BA card and getting approved, I applied for the OnePass 10 days later. Got "pending" review. Called the app dept (888-871-4649) and shifted my credit lines around. Got recommended for approval. Yet to apply to AA.

    Any other success stories?
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    Between my husband and I we recently applied for the Chase CO 50,000 mile card, Chase Priority Club Visa, and a SPG Amex. Got approved on all of them, however not instantly and one of the cards has a very low limit; luckily there is no minimum spend so it is kind of a non-issue.

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