Churn periods and when does the annual fee hit ?

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    Given that there are so many cards out there in the market , can the pros tell me the churn periods approximately and when the annual fee hits? As most cards are free the first year , does the fee hit at the beginning of the second year or towards the end of the second year?

    Churn periods approx.....
    Citi AA cards - Churn after 18 months or so. (AA cards...)
    Chase - Churn after 2 years or so . ( Saphhire/Southwest/BA ...)
    American express - 2 years or so? ( Delta/SPG...)
    Barclays cards ? (US Airways..)
    Bank of America cards ? (Hawaii/Alaska...)

    Thanks in advance.
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    The fee usually hits around the 11th month i.e. around the start of the 2nd year.

    With Chase, the theory is that you can never get the bonus again for the same card type, but you could get it again for different card types. For example, the Southwest Plus and Premier may be considered different card types and you could get the bonus again for those cards.

    The Alaska Air card is reported churnable every 90 to 120 days, but I haven't yet tried with the Hawaiian Air or Virgin Atlantic cards.
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    In addition to what Million Mile Secrets said, you need to watch the number of hard pulls that you have with each credit bureau and which bank pulls from which bureau. Citi seems to allow the most hard pulls and Chase the least. For example, I just applied for a Chase card and later the same day I applied for a Citi card. For the Chase card I received a "will let you know" whereas the Citi application had an immediate approval.
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