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    My wife and I are planning several trips this year, the main one being to Argentina in Nov/Dec. Based on my research the best options are probably American Airlines to get to Argentina and then use oneworld partner LAN while in Argentina OR Delta to get to Argentina and fly Skyteam partner Aerolíneas Argentinas domestically while we are there.

    That said, my wife and I both just unsuccessfully tried the 2 browser trick (I was approved for the Amex and she was approved for the Visa) with 50,000 miles.

    I was thinking about the following, based on where I want to travel this year if there are any other recommendations I’d love the input.
    Citi AAdvantage Amex - Been approved and waiting for the card with 50K sign on bonus

    Chase British Airways Visa – If I get this card, can I use the miles to book trips on LAN while in Argentina?

    American Express Premier Reward Gold – Not sure if this will help with my trip but it is such a good deal I should probably jump on it

    What else will help me on this trip?
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    First, check the cards T&C to make certain you'll have no Foreign Transaction Fees if you want to use plastic.

    Second, there are airpasses from both LAN (South America Airpass) and Aerolineas Argentinas (Visit Argentina Pass) but the terms of that pass may have changed. Delta will know the answers if you choose that one. Unless the rules have liberalized within Argentina, a very unlikely thing, foreigners pay a higher fare than Argentines and must buy domestic tickets with foreign funds. Thus, these passes are the easiest and cheapest way to get around. AR has many more destinations and flights than does LA, but which would you rather fly? IIRC you must fly in on the same alliance in order to buy these passes, which must be bought in advance. The rules do change, so make certain to check when you're ready to arrange your tickets.

    Third, LAN Argentina has a A320-200 fleet for domestic flights, and is solvent. Aerolineas Argentinas flies B737-700 and B737-800 domestically and is controlled by the Argentine government, and is allegedly troubled financially and managerially. I know no person who recommends choosing it over LAN Argentina.

    I know these answers are not exactly what you asked. BTW, I'd personally choose AA for the flight from the US because they have more options, two flights a day from MIA with B777. DL flies B767 from ATL, but seasonally has offered the A330 also. However, one flight per day. If you've a preference for ST over OW by all means DL will be fine. I think the DL 767 is one that has been retrofitted with the new business class, or will be by the time you fly, if that makes a difference.
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    Actually LAN would be a good bet for you in South America, if you prefer One World. You could always consider United and they have good sign up bonus points as well 50K for the Explorer Card. Its not much help once your there too.. Safe Travels

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