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    Most of these partnerships offer a 15% discount to "all members, families and friends."
    redirects to Choice Sports Travel - Group Hotel Rates for Team Travel

    See the logos of many of their sports partners on the following page:
    Pro Sports Travel - Professional Team Discounts

    Below is a sample of these partners' websites with their Choice Special Rate ID:
    Choice Hotels - USASA (00214300)
    Choice Hotels Discount Offer - (code varies for each school)
    Save 15% When You Stay At Any Choice Hotel (00217500)
    National Soccer Coaches Association of America (00213090)
    Choice Hotels International | (00213510)
    USA Triathlon (00208630)
    Pro All Stars Series ( 00223640)
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    You have to be careful when using these rates on Choice (I have a different sports rate that I use frequently) because when you put it in the drop down box, hit apply and then it gets the rates it resets the drop down box to "Internet User" and frequently displays a slightly discounted rate. If you look in the drop down box again, at the top, is now a Corporate Rate option that will give you the true discounted rate from the code (assuming it's available).
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    Excellent advice, both. I'd just add that, rather than Corporate Rate, the choice is "Significant Organization
    Savings Rate" above Internet User's Rate. And it's probably good that the OP posts this here, because when great rates, such as Little League and LPGA, have been posted in FlyerTalk, the bloggers pick them right up and relay them out on the wires. Poof.

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