Choice Privileges a it always this way?

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    I stayed in a Quality Inn in London Kentucky and contacted them after being injured (their fault) to get my points returned. They sent me to Choice Privileges customer service, who promptly told me I had to get the hotel to do this. No win circle. Finally got a helpful GM who told me to make Choice get on the phone with the hotel (while I'm on hold with Choice) and he would make sure it got worked out. It did get worked out...after two hours on the phone.

    Never been a part of a program where the point giver (Choice) is so terribly uncooperative and misinformed. They even had a problem identifying the night I stayed as the Choice agent indicated there was an error in their system regarding the date.....

    Two hours lost trying to get a few points back....hate to think what it is going to be like getting the insurance company for the hotel to pay for my medical bills!
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    I'm sorry. Oh not for the injury which I am sorry for also but that you stayed at a Choice hotel. Sadly they continue to decline in service and quality.
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    I'm sorry about your experience. I just completed six nights at Choice hotels (3 places). I was treated well at all three. So, no Choice is not always that way.
    And welcome to Milepoint.
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    In my opinion, the hotel manager should have been dealing with this issue directly. The customer service center knows nothing about what happened at the property and is taking your word for it. The manager should have resolved it on your behalf without you having to be involved.

    We spent almost three months at a Choice property here in Athens when we moved here last year; and it was a wonderful stay. Do not give up on them because of this experience. Every hotel brand has them!

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