Chocolate Lounge, Terminal 2, Dublin Airport, DUB, Ireland [REVIEW]

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    September 2015, Before our flight to Stuttgart

    Normally we always go to Butlers or Flutes at Dublin Airport, Terminal 2. This time we wanted to try something new, so we went to the Chocolate Lounge.

    Unfortunately it turned out to be one of the worst experiences in a longer time in terms of eating at Dublin Airport.

    The first impression was good with contemporary furniture and views over Dublin Airport and the runways.

    There was even a bar with a Sushi restaurant set up (a conveyor belt transporting small champagne bottles).

    The lounge was packed, which in hindsight we couldn't understand given our experiences.

    The waiter took our order and there came the first turn off. We have a dislike for Deep River Rock water. It was served warm, which isn't a good sign at all.

    When our main courses arrived they were a disappointment too. He had ordered the Monte Cristo, but it was stone hard - presentation wise it looked perfect. There was no maple syrup or any other fluid condiment offered, so it was dry as well.

    I had a "Nicoise Salad", but didn't recognize it as one. It could be maybe called tuna salad, but it definitely wasn't a Nicoise. The fish was flaked and drenched in mayonnaise. It hadn't been stated on the menu. Beside the fish there were salad leaves, chickpeas and tomatoes on my plate. The side dish of toasted bread was very good and there was nothing to complain about the salad itself, but for health reasons I couldn't and wouldn't touch the tuna. It also looked very unappetizing.

    Our next issue was to catch a member of staff to complain the first time ever about a meal. The waitress apologized and offered my fiancé a replacement, which he took. Unfortunately it was as hard / unedible as the first. This time around the waitress apologized again and offered to send the manager. We agreed, because we weren't willing to pay for the meal. The manager asked if he would like to have to have a third Monte Cristo. We refused, because we had enough and had to go to our boarding gate for our flight to Stuttgart. The manager agreed to waive the fees, but wanted to know what they could do better or how a good Monte Cristo should look like, so my fiancé described how it's done correctly and as we had Monte Cristo a few times at other outlets in Dublin. We received another apology. We went our separate ways afterwards.

    We were glad we found a solution, but very disappointed with our experience and will not eat / drink again at this outlet.

    Would we recommend this outlet to a friend? NO!
    Would we want to eat again at this outlet at Dublin Airport? NO!

    Instead we would recommend Flutes @ T2 or Butlers Chocolate Cafe @ T1/T2 at Dublin Airport.

    Thank you and safe travels. :)
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    Thinking of trying Chocolate Lounge. But like to others reviews about it.

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