China Southern Cabin Service

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    I’ve flown CZ (3) times and really love the A380 business class product especially the window side as you have plenty of storage and space.

    What I find very disappointing is the level of cabin service. Service is not consistent and they seem to forget things often. I watched multiple rows miss getting towels while another row got doubles. After meal service, they will not provide any service unless you proactively ask. When going outside of the normal script, they have trouble with English, like asking for the “can” of soda.

    Am I alone in this view?
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    I think this has been discuss in the other forum how some people feel superior just because they speak english well enough that they think they have to make other feel like stupid, it was your choice to fly with this airline and FA are not your personal servant, I am sure if you speak chinese they would know what it is, since you love them so much (3x)you should know it in chinese so nxt time no nore issue,I can go on this issue but you know the jist....

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