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    I posted a question in another thread a while ago but, having no response, figure i'll take a shot with a new topic- even though I hate being 'that guy' starting topics like this!

    I keep reading about people on this and other forums having maxed out this promo who live in the US or the like. So, wondering what loophole is being used to register?? The obvious would be temporarily changing your address to some address in China. Seems like IHG would pick up on this and the change back with potential adverse consequences (ie: having an account closed with a million points balance or whatever). These people have high point balances, so this route seems unlikely.

    Anyway, I don't know the secret handshake to get into the club, so if someone could toss me a bone, I'd appreciate it. PM is fine and if the think tank thinks I should delete this thread, let me know. I am new here, but on FT since 05 same handle- so I'm real (albeit uninformed! lol).


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