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    Wondering if the streets will be clear and you can drive to ORD/MDW? Check out the City of Chicago Plow Tracker website. All the city plows are equipped with gps units that feed into a central computer system. This winter the city has gone transparent, posting that data in real time. You can enter an address and see where the nearest plows are working.

    A far cry from when I was growing up, and plowing streets was dependent on how well your alderman got along with the mayor and how well you got along with your alderman.
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    Oh I bet that communication channel is just as important now. ;)
    The notification tool is a good start though. Next it would be useful for drivers to know the plowing history for any location, which I'm not seeing on the current version. In other words, one still can't tell if a street has been recently plowed (without staring at the plow icons all day non-stop).
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