Checking in/out Twice for One Candlewood Suites Stay?

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    Hey all,

    This may be a noobie question I'm not sure, but I checked the forum and didn't see anything akin to this...

    I'm staying in a Candlewood Suites from Nov. 12 to Dec. 22 (40 nights). It's Dec 1, which is 19 days from my check-in. If I check out I will have gold status (which is a 10% bump in points earned) as well as receive other promos (weekend stay, first stay, etc.). Have any of you ever checked out and immediately checked back into a hotel? It will post as a 19 night stay and then a 21 night stay when I check out again, which would get me gold as well as the 10% bump on the 21 remaining nights.

    Also, in order to get the 1/2/3/4x promo I need to stay at multiple properties...can I make a reservation for another property while I'm at the Candlewood and will that count? (Double reservation over the same time?).

    Thanks in advance!
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    Checking in and out usually doesn't work unless you leave for at least one day. And two reservations for the same night will not work either one will show as a non qualified overlapping stay. I suggest to maximize points you check out for one night go to HI ex or something else then go back to the candle wood with a new reservation number. I hope you booked through ebates and are getting the 13% cash back.
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    check out, stay one night near by, check back in... or do it for 3 nights out, and stay at three different brands for the three nights out.

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