Checked bag eligibility for ticket that bought under gold status account

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    Hi, I am trying to search for my answer but got nowhere for the last two hours. I don't want to miss my flight today. Please anyone who experiences this situation, help me with my simple question.

    I have no status on mileage account because I fly using my husband's miles ( gold) and usually travel with him. This time, I will travel alone on the ticket that bought under his account. It shows that the second bag is free. So I would love to bring two bags. Am I getting the second free of charge from this ticket? When I called in, I could not understand what exactly it is. The customer service cites that because the ticket bought under the higher status, so the charge for the second is not necessary.

    But when i read on ( as attached), it said ....( see picture please) ....
    so if the ticket bought with the higher status account, it gets this service ( free checked bags for 2)?

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    Take the screen shot with you. When you checkin they try to charge you, show them the printout and they usually will allow you take the 2nd bag free.

    My wife has done this multiple times. So far they have taken the 2nd bag without and charge. (I was there helping her checkin in case any issue came up).
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    Assuming an award ticket, purchased using United miles and flying on United metal AND if you haven't toyed with the passenger information since the ticket was issued, the bags should be free. If any of the above isn't true then you'll most likely be charged.

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