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    I am waiting to check in at the Renaissance Battle House in Mobile. When I went to the desk at 3 pm, I was told my room was not available. I have never had this happen before (at a non-resort property) where the room was not available by 4 pm.

    Is this unusual? How does Marriott usually handle this?
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    Your room should be available by the stated check in time, especially since you seem to be an elite with Marriott, even if just Silver. I would go back to the desk, state politely but firmly that you need your room now, and ask to speak with the assistant manager on duty if they cannot promise access to a room within about fifteen minutes. It would not hurt to have your Marriott card in hand as well as any written confirmation of the reservation when you say this. The hotel should give you a room even if it means upgrading you. Any excuses about housekeeping staff or late check outs are not your problem.
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