Cheapest way to access first class terminal in Frankfurt

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    I am flying on a first class award ticket into FRA, but flying out in First on Thai.

    As it stands I won't be able to access the FCT. What's the cheapest award (united or us) or revenue flight I could book just to get access during my layover.

    I would not actually use the flight.
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    UA/US flights do not give you access to the FCT, or any of the FCLs. Only LH group flights do (LH/LX).

    So, you're proposing to buy a longhaul F fare on LH/LX (LH/LX do not go shorthaul F)? That's likely to run you several thousand euros. I don't think there is a lounge in the world that's worth a considerable multiple of an outstanding hotel room. Or are you intending to purchase a refundable flight, and then cancel the flight once you're in the first class terminal? In which case... you plan on costing LH money (food/drink/etc. given to you) and then not fulfill your end of the bargain (take your flights). Not exactly classy behavior, if that is your intention (I certainly hope it isn't).

    Also: if your inbound flight to FRA is in LH/LX F, you are welcome to use the FCL/FCT as a transfer lounge. What you don't get is transfer service in the Porsche from the FCT to your TG flight. Since the FCL (lounge) closest to your TG gate is considerably more convenient to the gate than the FCT will be, and the food/service/decor is identical (but no car transfer), there really isn't a need to walk over to the FCT other than bragging rights. I've done this before (waited for a non-LH/LX flight in FRA in the FCL) and, assuming your inbound is on LH/LX, same day that you are traveling on TG, this may be the best option- you may even have a TG staffer come get you at the FCL when you're ready to board...
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    Another option is to reroute xxx-FRA-BKK to xxx-FRA-ZRH-BKK or xxx-FRA-MUC-BKK. The FRA-ZRH or MUC leg would give access provided xxx-FRA is on LH F and the onward flight from FRA is the same day.
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    To build on eponymous coward's posting, why would anyone need to access Lufthansa's first class lounge? As my mom used to tell me, there's a huge difference between what you need and what you want! ;) As a gold member on a partner airline, I regularly access the other Lufthansa lounges at FRA, and since their remodeling at the beginning of this year, they are all just plain great! :) The other American carriers should be embarrassed by a comparison between their lounges and those run by LH, and obviously, they are not. And as much as all the frequent flyer blogs like to take pictures of all the amenities that they receive while travelling on first class seating, and dining in first class lounges, if you're financing the trip on your own, save your $$ to "buy up" for other things, unless money spent is not a concern.
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