Cheaper fares for sneaky risk-takers

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    You can score cheap tickets if you're willing to take risks and pull a sneaky trick or two. This weekend, The New York Times Magazine has reminded people of an old guerrilla tactic called "hidden-city ticketing." It's best explained with an example.
    As of this morning, was charging $600 for a one-way ticket from Austin to Memphis, on this Sunday's flight 3021. But the fare from Austin to Tampa, through Memphis, is just $229—on the same flight 3021.
    The reason: There is no nonstop competition that day on the route between Austin and Memphis, a Delta hub.
    So why not buy the ticket to Tampa and but get off the plane in Memphis before the flight continues on? This strategy is called "hidden-city ticketing" and the opportunities appear most when flying between airports that are underserved by airlines.
    This sly trick is complicated, risky, and breaks the rules of most airlines.
    Most airlines ban the practice. On page 17 of Delta's contract of carriage, for example, the airline says it "specifically prohibits the practices commonly known as "Hidden City/Point Beyond Ticketing."

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