Cheap Hong Kong Souvenirs for Christmas holidays

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  1. Most expats visit Hong Kong with purposely empty suitcases, only with the intention of making sure they have enough room to bring bargain holiday gifts back home. Really the question isn’t what kind of souvenirs I should buy in Hong Kong but rather what deals and bargains you can get. The popular souvenirs westerners find amusing to bring back home to entertain aunts and uncles would have to be exactly what you find in your local Chinatown.
    Clichéd Chinese souvenirs found in Yau Ma Tei Temple Street night market range from chopsticks, chopsticks holders, I love Hong Kong magnets, porcelain tea sets and tableware, antiques like old watches and chinese silk robes that no one would wear except to a themed party. The list is by no means exhaustive and Hong Kong is a Shopper’s Paradise but tourists who have no clue simply end up buying lighters, flashlights, scented candles and stuff dolls for quite an expensive price too.
    These Hong Kong souvenirs are overpriced, inauthentic and simply plain silly:
    Get real people! No one in China or Hong Kong wears these traditional Chinese dresses at all. Even Hong Kong parents can't be bothered to dress up their kids in traditional Chinese dresses during Chinese New Year so stop buying these unauthentic Qipaos.
    So called fortune bracelets in tourist souvenir shops are silly because you can buy this at wholesale volume on Ebay.
    What is someone going to do with their pair of ornament chopsticks - Use it to hold their bun in place?
    Calligraphy sets are yet another stereotypical Hong Kong bargain buy - or so it seems. Until you find these in your attic some good years later.
    What is shown is by no means exhaustive Other cheap Hong Kong souvenirs to stay away from are herbal teas that have medicinal purposes, Chinese silks, odd looking Chinese wines and spirits, Chinese hairpins, T-shirts with Dragons prints or I am lost in Hong Kong print Tees. Expensive jewellery is also a bad holiday gift and are Chinese looking shoes and Keychains with your Chinese name.
    Cheap Finds in Hong Kong that are worth the hassle to putting in a suitcase to bring home are really not hard to find. Fa Yuen Street in Mong Kok is a hidden gem that sells a good variety of outlet brand name clothes for real cheap. Theres an outlet called “Sun &Moon” in Jardines Crescent which is really good for buying casual everyday clothes. You’ll find that the adjacent street will be lined with Nikes and Adidas sports shoes but its well worth your time because locals frequently stroll there for their shopping too.
    The big designer labels like for example: Tiffany’s, Bvlgari, Versace, Larry’s Jewellery,Dolce & Gabbana have fought hard for their place on Canton Road and sometimes if the exchange rates are in your favour then buying luxury brand names in Hong Kong can be really cheap.
    Looking for nice watches in City Chain is better than trying to find one at Dickson watches and Jewellery if you are looking for a watch to bring home as a present or a bargain souvenir for Christmas. G2000 sells some really cheap suits that are fashionable but yet provide some comfort and quality assurance which is an alternative to visiting a tailor like Kwun Kee to get your suits tailored.
    The real deals and cheap holiday gifts that you really want to buy in Hong Kong would have to be electronics like cameras and laptop computers, iphones, ipads and Androids. Keeping in mind that you’ll need an adaptor (please stay off the glaring touristy electronics shops on Nathan Road), the Golden Computer Mall in Sham Shui Po and the Wanchai Computer City will offer the abundance of choice and professionalism.
    GIMME FACE pvc tissue box cover,purple/w description. HK $155.
    Hong Kong souvenirs and bargain holiday gifts in the GOD Lifestyle store is will be a welcomed surprise if not one of the highlights of your trip. GOD stands for Goods of Desire and its a chic and stylish lifestyle store where you’ll find textiles, household goods, functional decorative items, funny but meaningful local tableware like tea pots, wine accessories.
    For real cheap bargain buys how could we not think of food? A great holiday gift bakery Kee Wah has been focusing their marketing efforts on spread the word that their traditional Hong Kong pastries like wife cakes, moon cakes, sweet meats and pastries are THE Hong Kong souvenir. Koi Kee is another competitor from neighbouring Macau but decide where to buy your souvenirs on a shoestring in Hong Kong after watching this:
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