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    I have two CHASE UR point cards ;
    - CHASE FREEDOM personnel card
    - CHASE INK business card
    I plan on cancelling the INK soon so I need a plan on what to do with my UR points.
    I was hoping to transfer the UR points from the INK account into the FREEDOM account - but on closer inspection they look a bit different.
    I am not seeing the POINT TRANSFER option (to airlines) on the FREEDOM UR points.

    So are these UR point programs different?
    If I transfer my INK UR points to my FREEDOM UR points - will I loose the POINTS TRANSFER option?

  2. lapointdm

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    Ink points can be transferred to airline and hotel programs. Freedom points can't be transferred to those programs unless you have a card like chase sapphire or inks in which case you transfer your points from freedom to those cards. Now you should be able to change to transfer the points from the ink to the freedom, but they will not be as valuable since you will only be able to use them for 1 cent a piece and they won't be transferable.
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    Freedom is a cash back card. You can "convert" that to UR points by sending it to your INK account ($1 = 100 UR points) but is doesn't work the other way around...
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    As the others have explained, if you want to transfer UR points to airlines or hotels, you need a Chase Ink Bold/Plus card or a Chase Sapphire Preferred card to transfer your Freedom UR points to. I'd reconsider your plan to cancel your Ink card, as it's one of the best ways to earn UR points for airlines given its bonus categories.
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    You will lose the transfer option while your UR points are parked with Freedom.
    If you or a family member should later get another Ink or Sapphire Preferred account, you can move the points to the new account and regain the "transfer option".
    There is also a perception that no business with Chase comes without a risk -- so don't leave your points idle to too long.

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