Chase Ultimate Rewards vs US Bank FlexPerks

Discussion in 'Other Credit Card Programs' started by marcnyc2001, Apr 8, 2016.

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    I've had both cards for a while (in fact I have two cards for each bank, one business and one personal) and want to get rid of one or the other so I can save in annual fees... The US Bank card has an annual fee of $49 (so $100 for both) and the Chase card has an annual fee of $90 (so $180 for both), almost double.

    Initially I was going to get rid of US Bank's card because I recently just used all my FlexPerks points to get a ticket to Europe so rather than starting to build a balance from scratch I was going to concentrate my spending efforts on the Chase card instead... I thought the Ultimate Rewards program was better and more convenient since I have a Chase checking account, but not a US Bank checking account.

    I stopped in my tracks when I did two test reward bookings (same route, same dates) on the two reward sites and noticed that for a flight from NYC to Rome I would need 66k Chase Ultimate Reward points for a 1-stop flight and 100k for a non-stop flight while on US Bank FlexPerks travel portal it only required 50k for a 1-stop and 70k for a non-stop.

    So it seems to me that the FlexPerks program gives you much more bank for your buck, literally.

    But am I missing something? Thanks
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    I dropped Flex many years ago, it was sold NorthWest CC,

    I always felt Flex left money on table,.

    Chase has many more travel offers.

    International FC, does not cut it with Flex...short hops BA .avios..

    62,5 for a $7,500 ticket...depends on your travels...

    WN, CP, hard to beat...Flex was not winner for me...

    Chase is Number 1, tied with Citi....Flex gone like Northwest...
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    Are you are comparing Chase bookings via the Chase flight search tool which converts points to cash equivalents? If so, I'd also look at an Award search on to see what you can get for a similar number of points if you transfer them from Chase to United. One of the big advantages of the Chase program is you can transfer it to an airline and potentially use the points for much higher cost premium flights.

    Otherwise its sounds like you are comparing the flight search options and partners for each booking engine on the points as cash side. If that is the case you might want to do a good sample of searches I'd expect each tool sort of randomly comes out with better lower cost flight options at times. Unless one site partners with a carrier that fly's to the destination where the other doesn't.
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