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Discussion in 'General Discussion | Credit Cards' started by Citifool23, Jun 18, 2013.

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    On June 16th I applied for both the personal and business versions of the SouthWest cards + 3 non chase cards. The personal was instant approved and the business received a "Further Processing Required". I called Chase today and they don't have any records of me applying for the business card. It's weird because I did receive an email stating it was pending further review immediately after applying.

    Any one have any idea how/why an application would just disappear from Chase system?

    How do I best proceed here - I needed the business card to reach a companion pass, but now that I have applied for 4 cards two days ago will Chase be willing to approve me for the business? Should I wait another X days and then apply? I'm hoping to use the companion pass for an October trip.
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    No idea, sorry. The couple of times this happened to me, where there was no record of my applying, I was using some Flyertalk trick to get an expired offer or whatever and it was no longer working, so there really was no application. I checked and there had been no pull as a result in my credit report. I ended up re-applying and getting the normal offer.

    Assuming you haven't been going nuts with applications, I'd just do exactly that. Apply again.

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