Charlotte BBQ Do / Aug 17th

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    From TOBB:

    Breakfast: On your own
    10:00 Carolina's Aviation Museum, includes the airframe for US 1549. Something about landing in the Hudson.... Group rate, $7.00 pp (Sadly organized tours are not available on Saturday)
    12:00-1330 Lunch at Sauceman's BBQ Zagat Score: 24.
    1330-1700 Working it. Maybe we can get a tour of CLT Airport???
    1730-1830 Dinner at Bill Spoon's BBQ. Zagat Score: 24
    1830-2000 Personal Time
    2000-until After party. Place TBD (Maybe at the hotel where most of us are staying?)

    Contact is Gamecock. I PM'ed him with the thread info here, hopefully he'll join up. Looks like I might make this one!
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