Changing return flight dates more expensive than new one-way ticket

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    Hi - I'm new here. I did a lot of googling after being on the phone with Copa airlines this afternoon, and haven't found a good answer to my question. Hoping someone here might have some advice. Situation: In December, 2012, I booked a return flight for my whole family (5) YYZ-MVD / MVD-YYZ. I didn't want to book a return, because I didn't know what city I would return from in South America, and also because Copa wouldn't allow return dates longer than 90 days. But, because return tickets were only marginally more expensive than 1-ways, and some forums suggested that upon entering Uruguay, immigration would want to see a return ticket (as to not overstay the 90 day tourist visa), I went ahead and booked the return flights for 90 days. They told me that it might be possible to change my ticket later on. Today, when I called them to ask if I could change the return tickets to a much later date, they said that on top of the $115 or $150 (couldn't understand well) fee to change tickets, I would have to pay the difference in the flights, and quoted me a ridiculous price of $2,000 per ticket. Our return tickets only cost us $1000 each in the first place. So now, I have a month before the return flight is scheduled to leave, and I don't want to leave for another 9 months.

    Sorry for the long post - here's my questions:
    1. Any advice on how to try to negotiate something with Copa?
    2. Should I call a day before the return flight to cancel, out of courtesy?
    3. If all else fails, I will obviously buy some one way tickets back to YYZ at some point. Is there any way to get a credit or some other benefit from my unused return flights?


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