Changing flights with companion upgrades?

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    Couldn't find quite the right answer to this question:

    I'm an EXP whose colleague is originating from a different city, but will be on the same flight to the final destination. I linked both of our PNRs and listed him for a companion upgrade.

    Our upgrades cleared right at T-100 mark- no problem there. However, I'm thinking about changing my flights - either by standing by or SDC the day of, while my colleague plans on taking the original flight.

    The question is- would his upgrade stay if I changed my flight? Anyone with similar experience?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Will your new standby flight depart before or after your companions upgraded flight?

    I arrived too late for my originating flight. LGA-DFW-OGG. They rebooked and upgraded me JFK-LAX-OGG. They allowed my Dad to keep his companion upgrade from DFW - OGG.

    My Dads flight arrived OGG around 4:45pm. My flight arrived OGG around 8:55pm.

    The AA agents at JFK/LGA are AAngels.
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    I don't think you will know until you do it. Strictly speaking, they should kick your companion back to whatever seat is open in steerage - a middle between two sumo wrestlers if that is all there is. Whether this actually happens or not depends on a host of factors, including what is going on in the personal life of the AAgent and how their last customer interaction went.

    The reason why we are allowed to upgrade our traveling companions is so that we don't effectively lose our upgrade privileges because we want to sit next to our companions. In other words, it isn't for the benefit of the companion, it is for our benefit. To put it another way, imagine that your upgrade request didn't clear, and you were told that you were next on the list but there was a non-status passenger upgraded who had originally intended to travel with an EXP colleague, the colleague wasn't on the plane and they decided to let the non-status chap keep the upgrade and keep you in the back. Would you be OK with that?

    I would fly with the colleague - that's the basis his upgrade was granted on - but if you change, tell him that your actions may cause him to lose his upgrade.

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