Changing award seats to F class with US Air

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by HAL345, Nov 26, 2012.

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    Hi, this is my first posting at milepoint.
    Here is my question. I had booked two NH award seats in JFK -(business)- NRT -(first)- JFK, using US miles (120,000 miles each) for flight in early next year, and I recently found two first NH award seats available for the same JFK--NRT flight. Since I already paid for first class miles for both award seats, I like to change the business-class award seats to first with no schedule change. Does US Air allow class change for award booking? If so, does US Air charge any reservation change fee for changing class?
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    No changes are allowed when travel has commenced. Since you haven't flown your first segment yet, you can change your class of service without paying a fee.
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    The answer is, "Your mileage may vary."

    US Airways rules are far from clear, and agents' interpretations of those rules will vary. So as always, you find yourself frequently hanging up and calling back to get what you want. And even though changes after commencement of first flight are strictly prohibited, plenty of people have gotten those too... by hanging up, calling back.

    Some agents will think the only way to change an award is by cancelling your current itinerary and starting over. Obviously this is both false and something you don't want them to do.

    Others will want to charge a change fee to improve your class of service, even when you've already paid for the higher class of service in miles.

    Obviously you want an agent who knows that they can change your award without starting over from scratch, and who won't charge to do so.

    Here's the relevant language from the membership guide

    "For travel with our airline partners, no changes of any kind are permitted once travel has commenced. Before travel commencement, changes to the point of origin, destination, airline carrier or stopover are permitted but are subject to a service fee, provided the new itinerary is allowed with the original award redeemed. A fee applies to change flight times and/or dates before travel begins. Changes must be requested by contacting Reservations and are subject to award seat availability. Paper tickets may require re-issuance at an authorized US Airways ticketing facility."

    "Changes to the point of origin, destination, airline carrier or stopover are permitted, but are subject to a service fee..."

    But note that changes to class of service is not even mentioned here!

    "A fee applies to change flight times and/or dates before travel begins"

    Again, no mention of class of service changes.

    So -- assuming class of service changes are permitted which presumably they are even though they don't get mentioned in the rules -- then I do not believe it is correct to charge for the changes. Since the rules specify what changes incur a charge. And class of service changes are not one of those things.

    Again, no matter what the rules say, it always depends on the agent you get. So you may have to play a bit of telephone game.

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