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    Etihad is doing an overhaul of their rewards program beginning July 8, 2015.

    1) Change to earnings - Five fare classes will now offer more miles than they do today, and two will offer fewer. (Earnings currently range from 50% to 400%, with T, N, I and O earning 0 points)
    2) An increase (20%) in GuestSeats available in Business Class on some of our highest demand routes. (around 1,000 additional seats in Business Class each month on popular routes.)
    3) Changes in redemption
    a) Lower on some sectors - Etihad Guest Miles required for a GuestSeat in Economy Class will reduce for sectors over 6,000 miles by up to 25%.
    b) higher for BC and FC: i) sectors under 6,000 miles, the number of Etihad Guest Miles in Business Class they will increase. ii) The number of Etihad Guest Miles required for a GuestSeat in First Class will increase on all sectors.
    4) Using miles to buy fares (cash and points?) for the first time, members will now be able to use their Etihad Guest Miles towards our lowest available Breaking Deals fares in Economy and Business Class. Members who wish to buy a Business or First Class OpenSeat with miles to some of our most popular routes - such as Abu Dhabi to Istanbul, London, Bangkok and Sydney - will receive a member-only discount of up to 30 per cent on the commercial fare. To access the discount members will need to contribute a fixed minimum number of Etihad Guest Miles towards the fare.
    5) Upgrades costs will increase. Members who purchase a Breaking Deals fare from 8 July 2015 will no longer be able to use miles to upgrade.
    6) Fuel Surcharges levied on some GuestSeats into Abu Dhabi will be replaced on all GuestSeat bookings and will be calculated based on the number of sectors and the travel class: US$50 per sector when travelling in Economy Class, US$100 in Business Class and US$150 in First Class.
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    They must be in private meetings with Anderson and Smisek.

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