Change to AF/KL C class luggage allowance

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    Hi all,

    As I was just booking a flight in C on KL, I looked at my baggage allowance, and noticed it was back down to 2 pieces + 1 for being FB elite.

    In January, it was still 3 pieces + 1 for FB elite. (I know, I actually traveled with 4 suitcases)

    The change: 1 piece less, but the allowance is back at 70 lbs instead of 50 lbs.


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    Indeed. I've just gotten some mail for BlueBiz where the change was clarified:

    Since 1st of April 2011 passengers travelling in J are able to take 3x 32kg instead of 3x 23kg. Pax in C are allowed 2x 32kg instead of 3x 23kg.

    FB Elite and Elite+ members are allowed one additional piece of 32kg.

    So nothing changed except the weight went back to the old 32kg allowance for First Class passengers.
    Business Class passengers however are allowed less pieces but more weight.

    I remember a discussion on FT about the initial reduction being because of Health and Safety laws... I think this idea is now proven false.


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    One of the oddities about the rules is that all classes have 32kg per bag weight limit on itineraries originating in Brazil. There may be other countries too, but I do not know them. This has been true for a long time on all airlines AFAIK. The number of bags continues as it is by class and status.

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