Change In Handicap Parking At Miami International Airport

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    No more free ride for those who park in the handicap spots at Miami International Airport.

    On Saturday a new rule went into effect at MIA which requires anyone who parks in a disabled parking spot, with a disabled parking permit or license tag, to pay standard airport parking rates, except as provided by Florida state law.

    Vehicles displaying a disabled parking permit or license tag will be allowed up to two hours of free parking.

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    Sorry to sound insensitive, but I've never understood the disparity between free parking and handicap it just the "feel good" thing to do?
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    I have no issue with freebies/byes for those truly handicapped. I recall once helping a 100% blind fellow locate his luggage on the luggage carousel at BWI, after which he made it clear that really didn't need me to help him cross the street outside the airport, etc.

    Now, I've also seen people who were wheeled on and off an airplane (with commensurate priority boarding status) "miraculously" get up off of their wheelchair and walk out of a terminal, wheeling their luggage behind them. :rolleyes:

    Many folks abuse handicap privileges today. And that is insulting to all who have otherwise good intentions toward those who need assistance of any type.
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    I can see two hours free since they need to park close for certain things, but otherwise, they're parking like anyone else.

    I'll get to try the whole wheelchair thing in Austin and Denver in December, possibly (don't know if I'll be on crutches long enough to be as mobile as I'd need to be to make distances in an airport), and will probably end up with a series of posts on my blog about it.

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