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    Amy Winehouse is one of many famous names who have fallen for Rio's charms
    In the light of last week’s sad news from Rio de Janeiro, I thought I would lighten the mood a little with a post on something suitably superficial. Namely, celebrities and where to spot them.
    The media furore that greeted Amy Winehouse’s recent stay in Rio brought the city to the attention of the world’s gossip press, but this is far from the first time that celebrities have chosen to hang out in the cidade maravilhosa. As well as big Brazilian names such as Gisele Bundchen, Kaka and a whole host more Brazilian sports stars, Rio de Janeiro has, in recent years alone, played host to international A-listers ranging from Will Smith to Madonna.
    And who can blame the stars for heading to this most glamorous of destinations? With tropical sun, unbeatable beaches and some of the most beautiful people in the world, it’s no wonder that celebs flock here.
    If you want to have a chance at mingling with the A-listers yourself, there are certain Rio hotspots you should be making a bee-line for.
    Firstly, let’s think about hotels. Rio’s hostel scene may be very good, but let’s face it, you won’t see too many famous faces bunking down in a dorm.
    Amy Winehouse broke with tradition when she stayed at the relatively new Hotel Santa Teresa, up in the hills of Santa Teresa and a long way from the beaches
    Established hotels on the celeb circuit are Copacabana Palace, whose famous guests are too numerous to mention; Sofitel Rio, a favorite with superstar ex-President Lula; Marina All-Suites, frequented by Gisele; and Fasano Rio (too hip to name names).
    If the budget won’t stretch to a night at one of these swanky spots, try the hotel bars. You’ll need to look every bit the superstar yourself to get past the doorstaff at Londra (Fasano Rio) and Bar do Copa, Copacabana Palace’s hip new nightspot, but once inside you may well be mingling with the rich and famous.
    Meanwhile, Bar d’Hotel, at Marina All Suites, is another favourite hangout for (mainly Brazilian) stars, so this cool bar and restaurant is a good bet if you want to see Brazilian footballers up close. Meanwhile, Horse’s Neck bar, at Sofitel Rio, is a more laid-back affair, so be subtle if you choose to head here for a little celeb-spotting.
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